is a new website I found on TikTok, and it’s worth a look if you are a twitter fan. downloads selected twitter videos in a jiffy, making it easy for you to grab and share twitter videos on the fly.

Downloading twitter vids has always been a tedious task. Now it’s simple to copy and share them, and it’s free. I turned a few friends onto the site and got pretty good feedback, so, I decided everyone should know about

How it works

The site is simple. Copy the URL of the twitter video you want, paste it into the text box in the centre of the page, and click the “Download” button. It works on desktop and mobile devices and requires only a web browser to function. The site also generates a QR code after downloading the vid that you can scan to put the vid on your mobile device or send it to others (share). Simple and free. There are a few things to bear in mind though.

Some vids are not downloadable. The original poster can choose to restrict the video, so can’t work on every twitter video. Occasionally the URL for the tweet is not valid and the download fails. Aside from those hiccups, the site works well.

Remember though, once you’ve downloaded the vid, you may have to find it. The vid should play automatically on your device once you’ve downloaded it, but your settings might stop the video from playing. In that case, check the settings and find out where your device keeps the downloads. Even if you can’t find the video, all is not lost. You can click the QR code and the vid should then play for your amusement. I thought that was ‘thoughtful’ of the developer.

You don’t have to register or provide any personal information to use It’s open to all. I haven’t tested the website on lots of different browsers or devices, but it’s been reliable for my friends and me. It’s fast and easy and it works.

You can learn more about it at All three sources offer a brief how-to vid that’ll get you downloading twitter videos in a snap. Keep ‘em rolling Twitter fans, and let us have your feedback in the comments below.